We Are All One


To accomplish the goals Theosophy Foundation, Inc. has targeted, the following projects are proposed:To establish a Center for Theosophy Foundation, Inc.in the picturesque mountain town of Blue Ridge, Georgia. This center will have a library whose books and other research material will be oriented to the study of Madame Blavatsky's work in complete supportive detail. This library will contain:

   • One copy of each book referenced by Madame Blavatsky in her seminal work, "The Secret Doctrine" and other of her books.
   • Works of authors, Madame Blavatsky makes mention in her writings.
   • Books that expand upon the state of knowledge in various fields in her day (to assist in showing us how her knowledge
      compared to that existing knowledge.)
   • Books written since her death, up to the current times, that vindicate and add to her knowledge.
   • Books that give full background on religions of the world, particularly as they give background to further understand her

Basing our collection on Reed Carson's considerable library and research material, we aim to engage a research assistant to increase the volume of this work. Because the internet has moved into the age of video, the center will produce videos for telecasting on the net. Over time we expect various supportive and newly expository written materials also to be produced.

Another project under development is to broadcast a study program using the vast material that the Foundation already has in house. We believe that study programs are of immense benefit to the student of Theosophy, these programs are set up to be used as guideposts. The study programs will go out via e-mail to those who wish to lead study groups.

The "safe" mountain town of Blue Ridge where the Foundation is uniquely located. It is at 1800 feet elevation surrounded on four sides by ridges of mountains that rise up to over 4,000 feet. (Edgar Cayce stated that this area of Georgia will not sink and the mountains of Appalachia are one of the oldest on Earth.) Since it is well into the country, this area is also "safe" from possible tidal waves appearing in the Atlantic Ocean. At the same time, this location is conveniently within 1.5 to 2 hours drive from Atlanta, the Southeast's major Cosmopolitan city.

Theosophy Foundation, Inc. is already active in this area, with a storefront strategically located in downtown Blue Ridge, offering metaphysical items along with Theosophy Books and opportunities for fruitful conversations around Theosophy. Evening discussions are scheduled during the summer resort season in various metaphysical areas including Theosophy. We anticipate this outreach facility growing along with the town, which is currently booming.

Estimated costs for the above mentioned projects are as follows:

   • $300,000 - Research Center building, if purchased soon enough, a suitable building can be obtained for less than this amount
                       which has plenty of room for library, archive,offices and work rooms.
   • $30,000 - Research facilities for the building - equipment and software, furnishings- proper tools for the archiving and
                      research activities, and internet distribution.
   • $10,000 - Library acquisitions.

Special Projects:

   • $15,000 video presentations for the internet and for DVD distribution.
   • $20,000 travel expenses for presentations throughout the Theosophical Community

   • $48,000 per year for the Center's Director
   • $42,000 per year for the Center's Research Director
   • $36,000 per year for Center's Internet Director
   • $24,000 per year for Center's Executive Assistant.Your support is vital, and we thank you in advance,.

Estela Carson-Preide,
Theosophy Foundation, Inc.
Phone: 706 633 0114