We Are All One

Mission Statement

Within the teachings of theosophy, there lie kernels of truths that aid the lonely, the bewildered, the saddened, the bemused, and the intellectually curious seeker in navigating and surviving the modern nihilistic lifestyle. These truths are ancient, universal and all its adherents have felt their force throughout mankind's history. It's a philosophy of life that provides guideposts for surmounting the materialistic view point that what you see, is all there is. There are realms beyond the five senses that impact on the five senses and direct our paths. There is more to the experience of life than simply living.

Committed to the propagation and perpetuation of this philosophy, Theosophy Foundation, Inc. was founded by Reed Carson in the hope that its visitors and members can find the unadulterated truths as set down by Mme Blavatsky, her teachers from Tibet, and modern theosophical writers. These truths have been honored and presented by countless great thinkers over all the centuries. In our commitment to this philosophy of life, we draw on our own experience of its efficacy. It supports a way of life that is meaningful, peaceful and productive.

The Theosophy Foundation, Inc. seeks to correlate the findings of modern science with the truths Madame Blavatsky brought forth in her teachings. We are committed to the support, encouragement and empowerment of individual students as they explore the teachings and stories of the great spiritual paths and develop more personal discernment and confidence in working with them. We intend to distribute these teachings through:

       1. the well-established web site Blavatsky.net, and its sister sites wisdomworld.org, and silkroadtraveler.com
       2. various forms of media that will help distribute information and offer assistance.
       3. discussion groups, personal appearances, and lecture tours.